Fashion is wearing a random style of dresses. It is very popular all over the world. Fashion relies on what kind and what style of clothes and dresses you want to wear. It’s about your own choice and taste of design. Sometimes your mood affects your fashion in dressing. You just have to be creative in making your own fashion.
Designers creatively have use fashion, they use to draw and design more unique and attractive dresses. Some of the designers are become popular because of their artistic design, such as wearable art designs. As you observe, there are a lot of wearable art designs showcase during the fashion show.
Fashion changed the mentality of the people in terms of gender roles. You can make your own design whatever the gender you have. In making wearable art dresses, you can use any materials. It depends on your designs and your theme of your dress.
Three things you can use for your wearable art design.
1. Plastic – you can use it as the material for your dress if your design is all about recycling and use non – biodegradable to reduce the waste and plastics in your community. It helps to encourage young ages to be creative and environmentally friendly. You can use different types of plastics, such as plastic straw and wrapper.

2. Recycle Clothes – instead of making them trash, you can use it to make a new one. It can help you not to buy new dresses, you can put style to it. You can also save money if you try this.

3. Paper dress – of course, the paper dress is not a good idea if you use it every day, since it is a paper it is weak material for your dress but the good thing is you can use it for fashion shows.
The wearable art design is not just about fashion, it makes use garbage to be a useful one.