As you can see, there are a lot of clothes and dresses decorated and designs, some called this art or wearable art. But, what precisely the meaning of wearable art? Wearable art is also identified as “artwear” or art to wear. However, most of the creation of different kind of clothes involves aesthetic designs to make wearable art design is more serious.
This is not only to wear yet, but it also has the intention that this creation will be accepted as serious, unique, and artistic designs, creating a new way art form. Wearable art can be worn, sold, or exhibited as well. It is made by fibrous materials that include wearable and non-wearable forms of art by means of other forms of fiber product or fabric.
In the making wearable art also includes jewelry and non-fiber materials such as plastic, metal, leather, or other materials. The Artist – Designers revealed their imaginations by making new designs or making new clothes. They can purchase materials to use in creating new garments. They can also color and paint virgin fabrics.
Most people think that making art is expensive, the pieces and materials used. We do not know that there are companies that make the materials an affordable price. You can also put the jewelry to design pants or shirts. The artist of creating wearable art still join in different classes to enhance their skills like clothing design, sewing, and training in computer software as well.
The inspiration for making this kind of fashion found on different bases such as history, life, art, and many more. Making wearable art has no boundaries, the wearable art design is something that you can grasp at runway fashion shows and occasionally at the street of your town, or in small shops by the creative people who wants to earn out of wearable art.